London: A 39-year-old woman from Farringdon, London avoided being raped by telling the rapist she has coronavirus.

Louisa Thomas said a man broke into her apartment last night and tried to rape her but her quick thinking saved her. According to Louisa, she did not hear him break-in.

“I was sleeping on my couch and I just felt a massive hand covering my mouse and then he said if I scream he is putting a bullet in my head. He said that while waving a gun on my face”

“He then tells me that he’s going to let me go so I could take off my clothes and he’ll do what he came to do and be out of my apartment in no time”. She said she was so scared and she was thinking he’s going to kill her whether she scream or not.

“When he took his hand off my mouse I sneezed and he backed off a little that’s when I know how I am going to save myself.”

“Corona, I have coronavirus I said crying. I told him I am in self-isolation and he backed off a little more that’s when I sneezed again and he started screaming hands sanitizer, were is your hand sanitizer miss?. I went from powerless to powerful real quick and I don’t know how I was suddenly calm”.

Louisa said she told him where the hand sanitizer was and after he washed his hands he left and she went back to sleep again. “I felt so powerful and I decided I was not going to call the police, he did not break-in, I might have left the door open”


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