TRENDY (Da HypeGod) is his name, he’s an exceptional event Hypeman, Compere and Standup Comedian.

His style is a fusion of clean & classy presentation laced with ethical hype & jokes, in other words he Hype & tell Jokes for a living but what you’re reading now is not a JOKE so please take it seriously 🙏🙏.

He’ll be hosting his very first Hype Show titled: HYPE & JAMZ (Vybz Chef Edition ) On Easter Sunday 21st Of April, 2019.

This show is going to be a shift from The Regular Showcase.

HYPE & JAMZ is a Special Event trust me that will afford attendees the opportunity to enjoy Quality Music fused with Hype in its original form and also have a total experience of The HYPEGOD Brand like never before seen.

This Maiden Edition promises to live up to its tagline (Vybz Chef) cause it’s the very first of its kind in the entire South East.

As an overdose Of Music (Jamz) & Hype will be served by my own very self, top notch DJs, live band & conga feelings.

It’s a FREE ENTRY show that has an affordable GOLD TABLE ticket @ #5k (A Bottle of Wine) for the big ballers.

So please, biko, ejoo, support his Hype Ministry by turning up massively.

INFO: 08115379710.


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