New Documentary Shows How FBI Seized Over $40 Million USD From Hushpuppi


A new video by The Richest, a media platform has revealed details of how instagram celebrity, Abbas Ramoni Igbalode exposed himself on social media before being nabbed by the FBI.

The documentary revealed that Abbas Ramoni Igbalode who is popularly known as Hushpuppi will likely be spending over 25 years in jail if he is eventually convicted Hushpuppi was said to be holding over $40 million USD in cash when he was arrested at his Palazo Versace residence in Dubai.

There were also luxurious vehicles worth $6.1 million that were confiscated from him.  FBI agents revealed that the case of Abbas Hushpuppi was a star case that would help the FBI get its much craved media attention.

It was said that the magnitude and method which the crime was executed made it a unique case even though Abbas was using some of the oldest tricks in the book and did nothing exceptionally sophisticated aside from scaling the operations into a very high chain that was able get almost $150 million in all.

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