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Port Harcourt based music minister “Joylex” comes out with soul felt song titled “I AM” which is just a tip of an iceberg from the “BE BLESSED” Album that will be coming to us soon.

“I AM” is written out of a grateful heart.

It has not been easy right from my infancy until now. But honestly, God has been good to me. I was three months old when it was prophesied that I will die but God kept me. At a point, it was like Joylex, nobody is gonna hear you. You will go through this life and die unnoticed. Again, God stepped in and reversed the verdict.

Gradually, God is providing and steadily, I am on the gospel music market fast lane.

Indeed, when Jesus says YES, nobody can say NO. Though it may tarry, wait Hab 2:3. In His time, He will make all things beautiful.

Delay is not denial. What the world around says about you is not the issue. What you choose to believe is. As for me, I AM whom God says I AM. Every other definition is unacceptable.

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Who am I
That the king gave His life for me
Who am I
That He’s mindful of me….
Who am I
That He left His throne up in heaven
And came down to save me


I am the image of God
Created to do good works
Created to do good works
I am the chosen of God
I am whom God says I am

Why did He create me in His own image
Why did He create me in His likeness
Why did He call me
To dominate the earth…
I’m in charge cause His spirit dwells in me…
(Chorus 2x)


When Jesus says YES
Says YES
Nobody can say NO


I am whom God says I am

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