Joylex ft. Sunny Blaze – Be Careful


Here comes Joylex again☺️!
The Port Harcourt based music minister Joylex, after releasing the first  track “I AM” from her forth coming album ” BE BLESSED” as a tip,  has chosen to grace us with yet again, another track from the same album, wow!😃.

The Title of this particular song is “BE CAREFUL” wow, and in this track, she featured another rap artist named SUNNY BLAZE.

BE CAREFUL as a song is a warning/a phrase  to get the attention of people all over the world towards the coming of Jesus Christ. It is a medium to let them know the danger/dangers of not living right in this critical time.  Many people including Christians are living carelessly neglecting the fact that life does not end here. We are sojourners here. Like Jim Reeves world say, this world is not my home. Hypocrisy has become the order of the day. No precaution against the little foxes that spoil the vine. This song is a call to remind everyone of us both young and old that ” wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it”. Let’s get back to the gospel! Preach salvation not denomination. Jesus Christ and the Cross not the pastors.

Be careful!!!🙂

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Nah na na
Nah na na na
Na na na

Oh Lord
Save us from complacency
From living our lives carelessly
Forgetting that there is urgency
Thinking that the world is okay
Preaching denomination
Neglecting salvation
Delaying our manifestation
Making the cross of non-effect


Be careful 3x
Run for your life

If na only for this world
You have hope
You are of all men Most miserable
Some are looking for a crowd
Some are looking for miracles
Some are looking for signs and wonders
A few is looking for God

If na only for this world
You have hope
You are of all men Most miserable
Some believe in their prophets
Some believe in their doctrines
Some believe in their righteousness
A few believe in God


We’re in that time
When the Bible says
That the love of many is gonna wax cold
He demands that you truly worship Him
In spirit and in truth
Be careful how you live your life
Your life is not your own
Everybody is doing it doesn’t make it right
He’s a merciful God and also a terrible God
Be careful where you go and what you say and what you think
No one knows when the son of God will come
Even the angels
It might be in the morning, noon or even at night
Enough of the pretense
Enough of the double standard
Heaven is real
And hell is real
Salvation is now
Tomorrow might be too late
Live life like there’s no tomorrow my brothers
Live life like there’s no tomorrow my sisters
Run for your life
No looking back
Be careful now
Be careful now

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