Joylex – Gozierem Nnem (Prod. Tutupraiz)


I was inspired to sing this song based on what my mum went through for us. It’s not as if my dad was not there for us but you know mothers make sacrifices both for their husbands and their children.

My mother forfeited a lot of things for our sake. While other women were fighting their husbands for not buying them wrappers, jewelries and other stuffs. My mum never had such a time. Her major concern was to see us look like other children.

Severally she starved and did all kinds of businesses and menial jobs to ensure that we are happy. As her first child, I owe her care.

My prayer is that God should keep her to enjoy all her children. Gozierem nnem simply means ” bless my mother for me”. I dedicate this song to mothers globally,

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