Good News: Nigerian Finally Gets Coronavirus Fast Herbal Cure, You won’t believe after seeing it (Must Read)


This was discovered by a Nigerian living in Germany and married to a
German medical doctor. Many doctors including his wife were infected by a virus which has all the symptoms of the much dreaded corona virus. All treatments using orthodox approach were ineffective.

He decided to use his Nigerian experience . The outcome was marvellous. All those who took the mixture including his wife and the man that shot the attached video clip explanation this scenario in Hausa,were cured completely.

These were verified by post medical check ups. He is optimistic that it will cure corona virus since it was effective against the virus that share similar symptoms with it.

Here is the mixture:
1- Pineapple peels

Slice them into pieces and boil. Then get down the boiled mixture and drink from it . Many were cured with only one therapy.

When the infection is serious, divide the solution into two. Drink one and steam yourself with the other while covering up yourself with cloths or blanket. It’s also a potent cure for malaria he added. He has pleaded with us in the name of God to spread this clip far and wide to save lives.

So pls everyone is advised to do this and drink with his family as a precaution. Because you don’t know when you might be infected.

Pls share to safe others.

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