Renowned Urban contemporary and hiphop musician Diego Tryno is known to use bracketed subtitles next to the titles of his albums and mixtapes.The subtitles ”Age volume #” supports the content in his albums or mixtapes.The following questions and answers were gathered in an interview with the artist.

Q. What is the meaning of Age vol1 on your album lazarus(Age vol1) ?
A. Well Age is an abbreviation that i created for All Generations Entwined ,at first All Generations Entwined was meant to be 1 Album but due to accumulation of tracks which fall under same concepts ,i decided to group the tracks in many albums which is what i did in the Album lazarus(Age Vol1) and the oncoming album Stories( Age vol2)

Q. You mentioned Lazarus being Age Volume 1 ,what made you name the first volume of Age Series Lazarus?
A. Truth be told , i named that Album Lazarus because i believed it was now time to resurrect my career, when i started music i got popular around social media and music circles but i couldn’t fully go out there because at home i was forbidden to do music but when i got permission to start doing music during my spare time ,that’s when i thought of Lazarus ,well of cause the name itself was motivated by life situations too ,a lot happened in my life before the album so i had to celebrate new life ,new blessings and a new vision.

Q. Can you explain to us what you mean by All Generations Entwined and which types of tracks qualifies to be in the volumes?
A. There is no hidden meaning to it ,i work hard to make sure that in each and every volume of the Age there is a track for children ,teenagers ,adults and the old thus all generations entwined in one album ,do you want to explain more?

Q. No you did justice to the question ,how do you manage to make music for all generations?
A. I just shift genres and engage in collaborations with other artists who has a certain feel for a certain generation ,For Example i could engage with Enzol and make music for the youths and also engage with Va Manyeruke and make music for the old ,something like that.

Q. How many volumes can we expect from the Age?
A. For now expect 5 Volumes ,3 albums and 2 Eps ,all under the Age. If i decide to do more then i will notify our fans and the public accordingly .
Q. You mentioned about the second volume of Age called Stories can you tell us about it?
A. Stories is one of the most exciting projects i have worked on to date,Unlike my previous projects, stories got an international touch to it ,It also has a lot of international features ,mostly from the USA and Dj Dagizus from Dallas in Texas is going to bless up the album ,so yeah we should expect nothing short of amazing ness .

Q . Is it true that you won’t be submitting all the Age Volumes for awards and why?
A . Haha ,those are plain lies ,i didn’t submit lazarus for awards last year because it was not eligible for the awards but this year it will be eligible and i will be submitting it ,i can get the confusion from our supporters but in order for them to understand they should first understand how the award seasons works ,in short any project released after a certain date in a season is not eligible for awards that year ,so that’s what happened to Lazarus.

Q .You mentioned 3 albums and 2 Eps in the Age , Do you think you will have any other albums which are not in the Age or you will finish the age first?
A . Good question ,and the answer is yes and no ,right now my mind is focused in the Age ,especially Stories but i can not say after the release i won’t be tempted to work on another project which has nothing to do with the Age,so i guess we will just wait and see but what i can promise is all 5 Volumes in the Age will be released.

  • Q , Do you have any last words to the fans of AGE volumes?
    A . Yes, Age volumes will always be my favorite projects ,now and the future because they will constantly remind us about who we are, the struggles we endure as human beings and as Africans ,especially as a Zimbabwean .


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