E-NEWS: Delta Born Super star “Martins Smooth” Brief Career history Over the years ‘THE MAN MARTINS SMOOTH’


Sargent Martins Oghenetekevwe, stage named, Martins Smooth is one vivacious artist in the Nigerian music industry. His musical career dates back to childhood when his love for music, irrespective of the brand was like an harmattan fire, unquenchable. He performs every song without stress having rehearsed in private with fine sensibility and creativity.This endeared him to everyone in his milieu. One exceptional traits that distinguishes him from other artists is, his ability to play a variety of musical instruments, interprete musical rhyme and cadence despite its complexity. At a very tender age he developed unalloyed passion for musical instruments. He started drumming with peak milk cup, constructing local guitar with twine and others with gripping fascination.These musical baptismal experiences shape his insight to music. It also propel his drive and passion to impact humanity with his brand of music.Today, he is a professional guitarist whose artistic grandeur and onion is with boundless admiration.

Martins Smooth, over the years, has channeled his gifting in the worship of God and in service to humanity. He was born in the church and loves God passionately. For him, the church is the most appealing place. The church turned out to be the incubator that launched him to the level he is in now.He sang with great ecstasy and passion to usher congregants into the realm of God’s glory. His passion to make a point in the entertainment industry kept him going despite the challenges and hurdles he was posed with because of his poor background. Many looked down on him and never saw anything good in him despite his unrivalled display of musical artistry. Despite the ups and downs and confrontations from friends and families for him to relinguish his vision, he held on tenaciously to it and refused to be derailed from the goal. He didn’t stopped there, rather, he believed in himself and stayed on course with the confidence that one day his voice will be heard and listened to in the world over. At last, his name is becoming known and widely embraced.

Notably, the vision to seize the stage with his style of music came into full glare in 2003 while he was rounding off his junior Secondary school education. However, his professional musical career dates back to Delta State University when he met a friend named Michael, a guitarist and singer with great aura. It was through him he discovered there were countless feats he could achieve in and through music. The discovery of a common goal yoked them together. They set out in unison to attain a consummate mastery of the nitty-gritty of praiseworthy and creditable music. They rehearsed together and performed severally at students’ week in the year 2011/2012 and subsequent years. After their creditable performances which won the applaud of all present, they continued in their overt curiosity and defined conception of entertainment and music.

Martins Smooth is a graduate of Economics from the Delta State University, Abraka. His musical band, comprising unique voice doyens was birthed in 2015 after his service to his fatherland. Interestingly, he has risen from nothing to something in the music industry because of his passion, creativity, dogged determination, dominating influence, edifying lyrics and rare composition style. Interestingly, he has become the centre of attraction on the social media (facebook , Instagram and twitter) and daily gaining more followers and popularity.

His five years on stage has been trailed with elephantine footsteps and gargantuan acheivements. To begin with, he wrote the welcome back song for one of the greatest political gladiator in South South Nigeria, His Excellency Chief James Onanefe Ibori in the year 2017. The song titled ‘Ibori the legend’ was a hit and heralded the triumphant entry of a political exemplar to his home after so many years of false detainment. He was also the major artist at the passing out ceremony of STEP AND YAGEP trainees IN 2016 This caught the attention of the Governor of Delta State and the then Honorable Commisioner for information, Ogueshi Patrick Ukah. This brought him close to the corridor of power and paved way for him being among the artists who later performed at the series of campaign in the 2019 elections in Delta state. He has also performed on same stage with prominent artists like Harrysong and Timaya at different fora. The most recent was during the 2019 PDP Presidential and Governorship camapigans in Delta state. Again he performed along side with Teni Makanaki and Harrysong during the official opening of Club De Ja Vu in Victoria Garden City, Ajah, Lagos.

Martins Smooth is an artist with an exemplary conduct. He is known for his philanthropic gestures. He is also the host of the Pride of Ethiope and Delta show.

We felicitate with him on his 5 Years Anniversary on stage. Congratulations, Martins Smooth. #OluwaWroteyourStoyLongAgo.

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