Dj Towers endorsing Hiphop Trap Artist “Krizzy Henry cains” from Mutare


The Young Hiphop trap Artist Krizzy Henry cains has been struggling to get to the top and getting heard by a lot of People …He said he came a long way and started singing when he came to High School in 2014 @Mutare Boys High where he received a lot if criticism but he never stopped on his Music and things started changing when he mate @Dj Towers who recently mentioned him in a post saying

” Guys ndinorwadziwa chipo chakadai chisingaendi kure lets support him with our support mupfanha anosvika kure uyu “

This was spoken by Dj towers after Krizzy Henry cains released his Mutare Official Music Video which also got posted by @ZimCelebs

Krizzy Henry cains mentioned @babaharare_ our Zimbabwean big recording Artist in the song who commented on the song saying “yah uyu anogona uyu aka kari kunaka”

Krizzy Henry cains said in his own words when we interviewed him ” I came to turn the energy up my music is all about hype vibes and catchy vibes “

Krizzy Henry cains believes in himself and he said he is willing to take a step forward so that he gets to the top and he is really grateful for the support he is getting from dj towers and others who are believing in him

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