Daviva – Lagos


Harry Oghenefegor Okorogri (born July 28 1999), known professionally as Daviva, AKA VIVA of the Good Life, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter.

He was born in the oil city of Warri and spent almost all his live Warri. The singer attended Orhuwhorun High School during his secondary days.

He began recording music at very young age of 12 from the money he saved while going to school. The music singer and song writer comes from a Catholic family of 6 children being the 3 of 6. Father was an engineer and mother was a teacher, she was never in support of the musical lifestyle because of her reputation and what people would say about her son going into the world of circular song and she advised gospel song, this also pushed Daviva into writing some circular songs and performing in churches but the gospel songs was never released.

Daviva gained admission into the Delta States Polytechnic Ozoro to studied Computer Science where he meant Erriga former producer Gasky, AKA KING HABU. According to Daviva, he visited his studio once in Warri, Jakpa road, and have been following him on all social media platforms, once he gained admission and knew he was in town he immediately linked up.

Daviva started practicing music recording skills while in the polytechnic with Gasky and lived same house, he said. “I will always be in his room and watched he record after coming back from a night club “ I was also, opportune to record 3 songs with him in the house.

Once he was done with school, Daviva decided to take his music career to another level and moved to Lagos, Island where he met Isi J Entertainment on the Island, and started the musical dream and released his first hit single. “Lagos Lifestyle” which was first released over the internet in February 2022..



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