Chioma Mad At Davido For Jetting Out To Ghana With First Baby Mama, Sophia


As tongues continue to wag as to why Davido and Sophia are continuously recently seen in compromising situations together, Chioma the legal baby mama has now reacted to the unpleasant development.

In a move that surprised many of Davido and Chioma’s fans, the superstar singer, Davido and his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu are currently vacationing in Ghana as we speak.

The duo alongside with the seed of their brief love affair, Imade, flew down to Ghana in a luxurious private jet while Sophia enjoyed all the 5-star treatments usually meted out to Chioma on many of such trips with Davido and a lot of Davido fans are wondering if this should even be happening at all.

The duo of Sophia and Davido seems to be doing great at co-parenting their daughter, Imade but is this the essence of co-parenting, even though one of the partners is married? This is the question on every body’s lips. What if Davido gets carried away with this newfound affection with Sophia and impregnate her for the second time as it happened with Tubaba and his baby mama Pero Adeniyi?

To express her disapproval to Davido’s moves with Sophia, the new and first-time mom, Chioma who is currently in London nursing their newborn, David Ifeanyi Adeleke Junior, has reacted via her Instagram stories on how uncomfortable Davido makes her feels as he seems to be getting more and more comfortable in Sophia’s warm embrace.

Here are the memes she posted this morning to state her disapproval.

she posted the one below apparently attacking Davido for making excuses for his philandering nature, with Sophia in the picture…

Davido apparently called her, pleaded for forgiveness then she follows up with this one below…

Recall that Sophia was pictured with Davido and Imade in what looked like a family portrait on Christmas day in Davido’s family house in a warm, tight embrace; Davido and Sophia were holding each other as a couple while little Imade was placed between them. The picture went viral on social media with many criticizing it being too close for comfort for an ex-lover and a baby mama.

Here is the Christmas family portrait we just described above.

This hasn’t died down, next David is seen again with Sophie… hmmmmm… Bearing in mind also that Chioma’s privates are still healing, thus the couple may have not resumed copulation after the birth of their son. More reason Chioma is likely to be worried about her man’s recent closeness with his ex and baby mama.

We hope and pray Davido knows what he is doing o.

David Adeleke is a Nigerian megastar who has placed Africa on the world map severally by carting home various international awards. He is also a philanthropist who has touched the lives of so many by assisting them financially or signing them up without collecting a dime on signing contracts or royalties on his record label.

David Adeleke is a father of 3 children with 3 different baby mommies while the 4th child, Anuoluwa Adeleke allegedly fathered by Davido in Ibadan is currently in contention as David has continually denied her paternity.

If you were Chioma, would you be comfortable with his closeness to his first baby mama, Sophie? And what would you do if you were in Chioma’s shoes? Should Chioma be even worried at all?

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