Hip-pop is back! Zoro brings M.I Abaga and
Vector “One On One” on this Remix.
The Nigerian Hip-pop industry is currently on
fire with the rivalry between M.I Abaga and
Vector. Their various diss tracks and replies has got everywhere buzzing and lively. All rappers are going back to their hardcore game, Zoro the Eastern indigenous rapper goes back to his record ‘One On One ‘ and puts M.I Abaga and Vector together for the remix and to revive the rap culture.
Vec shows MI why he is crowned the king
of bars, told him to feel free to respond &
knee. Abaga on the other hand applauded
Viper, promises him its not over because he has saved alot in his folder. He will surely pay Vector back at the unexpected time.
This is by far the hardest indigenous hiphop song you’ve listened to this year, I promise you. With an awesome relatable storyline and a great deal of heavy lifting lyrically as they delivers with impressive lyrics and flow on the tune produced by Camo Blaizz.

Listen & Download Below :-

DOWNLOAD: One on One (Remix)


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