Shortly after they stormed the court room to re-arrest him after he was granted bail, the video went viral and got so many reactions.

For Ms Inyama Nigerians have misplaced priority as they ignore the re-arrest but busy celebrating and dying over the coming of Cardi B to Nigeria.

She wrote: ” I weep for Nigeria ooooo. All d legal luminaries are drinking water and minding their business. Dss answers to who pls cause I am lost. Where/who is Dss taking instructions from? To d extent they over ride a Judge’s ruling? All d movers & shakers have relocated their families abroad so they are Not bothered. No one is asking questions. This is a Shame. A huge Disgrace. A lawless land governed by rouges & miscreants. Shame on Nigeria’s judiciary, I saw Lawyers recording when they are supposed to be speaking & acting. Lawyers looking lost and confused while vagabonds attacked a man. Where are d big daddies from their big churches..shame⁉️. Y’all excited about American musicians whilst d people sacrificing for your freedom are locked up. Pls can someone tell Sowore to drop this fight & relocate. He’s eligible for citizenship in any foreign country. Fighting for Nigerians In Nigeria is guyed masts”