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Update : Official Changamire Festival Awards Full Nominees Lists



Official Changamire Festival Awards Full Nominees List

Here is The Full List Of the 2019 Changamire Awards Nominees :

1.Best Male

T Gonz
Coco WeAfrica
Asaph (Bulawayo)
Briss Mbada

2.Best Female

Annastancia Yona (Chinhoyi)
Kikky Badass
Blaq Diva Quin (Bulawayo)
Natasha Muz

3.Best Online Media

Insider Magazine – CTO Banks (Gweru)
ZimCelebs – Lewis
Eyes of 263 – Tusso
My Harare Tv – Wevey
Zimmagazine – Tyga Sparta
Shut up and groove events -Dr ckhupha
3 Men on The Boat – Larry Kwirirayi

4.Song Of The Year

Kamilia – Coco WeAfrica ft Jah Signal
Mambo – Asaph (Bulawayo)
Handisi Tsaga – Natasha Muz
Ndofira Mugame – Briss Mbada
Muteuro – Crooger
Kwese – Stunner

5.Best Album

Shumba Inoruma – Crooger
Follow Me E.P – Coco WeAfrica
Chocolate City E.P – Beav City
Mambokadzi – Kikky Badass
Blessings – Dj Steers (Gweru)
Future Too Bright – Fucci

6.Best Freestyle

To be done live on Stage at the ceremony @Sankayi Wednesday 30 January

7.Best Producer

Jamal & Leekay
gTBeats (Joburg)
Fun F
Silolamnkoto (Bulawayo)

8.Best Collaboration

Boiz DzeTonaz – Kikky Badass ft Jnr Brown , Shuver,Marcus Mafia
Mambo – Asaph ft Tha Dawgg & Fish F Swagg (Bulawayo)
Talking – Quazor ft AB Crazy ,Tonic ,Cayge & GZE
Harare Hucci – Crooger ft Briss Mbada
Kamilia – Coco WeAfrica ft Jah Signal
Crown Yangu – Blaq Diva Quin ft Scripmulla (Bulawayo)

9.Changamire Biggest Bosses

Power Circle – Boss Tumelo,Anesu ,StarBoy,Boi Breezy ,Guzh
Ciroc Boyz – Dean & Lincon
Young Games Ent – Bj & T.L.B
Tripple Life – G5 ,Chatunga,Robert Jnr ,Young Chris ,Leeroy ,Muvhimi
Team Big Family – Boss Chenge
Norman Mashate (U.K)
Big D ( UK)

10.Best Deejay

Dj Joey lion
Harmony Sounds (Dj Khago & Dj Thirst)
Takie Da Bigman (Chinhoyi)
Dj Rhymie (Capetown SA)
Dj Mangee (Mutare)
The Doc (Gweru MSU)

11.Hip Hop Personality Of The Year

Kikky Badass
Coco WeAfrica

12.Best Dance

Magnetic Force Twins
Lissa Tanaka
Dboi Mash
Tendai Guzha
Real Flex

13.Best Model and Or Vixen


14.Best Hip Hop Verse

Briss Mbada – Harare Hucci Verse 2
Jnr Brown – Boyz Dzetonaz last verse
T Gonz – Misi Haifanani First Verse
Queen Slinx – Hold It first Verse
Asaph – Hate to say first verse (Bulawayo)
Verse’Tyle – Sauce first verse

15.Best Hip Hop Chorus

Ndofira Mugame – Briss Mbada
Mambo – Tha Dawgg (Bulawayo)
Kamilia – Coco WeAfrica
Sauce – Verse’Tyle
Pull up ,Show Up ,Turn Up – King Bill (Bulawayo)
Handisi Tsaga – Natasha Muz

3.Best Newcomer

Fetty Swazy (Gweru)
Mr Lit (Bulawayo)
K Dizzy (Gweru MSU)
Rich Nusty Swagger
Yung Parker (China)

17.Best Perfomance Act

Revenok Thundaz & Sachaa
Jnr Brown
Ti Gonzi
Natasha Muz
Trey XL & Nyasha Timbe
Yung Parker (China)

18.Best Hip Hop Group / Duo

Blaq Home Bhoiz (Capetown SA)
GrindCity ,GrindTime
Team Tokless (Gweru)
Xclusive Music (Joburg SA)
Roman Rap Studios
Revenok Thundaz & Sachaa

19.Best Alternative

Future Levi (Joburg SA)
Coco WeAfrica
Ba Shupi
Ninja Kid
Tricky J (Joburg SA)
Mr Clington

20.Best Brand Supporting Hip Hop

Tecno Mobile – Mr 4
AfroWave – Big D (U.K)
Impala Car Rental – Dondo
Team Big Family – Boss Chenge
Team Legacy – Prezzo
Culture Create – Vanilla

21.Best Diaspora

Teekay Tha 1st (Joburg SA)
Trigga Da Infa (Joburg SA)
Crooger (Joburg SA)
Yung Parker (China)
gTBeats (Joburg SA)
Mlue Jay (Joburg SA)

22.Best Hip Hop Brand / Label

Unruly Livet Brooke
AfroWave (U.K)
Hipu Hopu Yekughetto
Tripple Life
Grind City ,GrindTime

23.Best Changamire Co Host

Yahya GoodVibes
Abra Simmz (Alicats SA)
Mc Tatts
Kamu Phiri (Hydro Sandton SA)
Lynn Chi
Dj Hustle (Alicats SA)

24.Best Video (To be won by both Artist & Director)

Kwese – Stunner
Hennesy – Crooger ft Diamond Boyz
Panado – Raydizz ft Jnr Brown ,Poptain & Simba Tags
Boiz DzeTonaz – Kikky Badass ft Jnr Brown ,Shuver & Marcus Mafia
Get Set – Tricky J ft Lady Bee
Kamilia – Coco WeAfrica ft Jah Signal

25.Most Relavant Hip Hop Studio

Young Games Ent – Quazor
C.M.R – Larynx (Bulawayo)
No Limits – Jamal & Leekay
Mulanation – Scripmulla
Winners Circle – gTBeats & Tricky J
Kenako – Boss Gwaze

26.Best Hip Hop Hustle

Prince Albert – Glamma Awards (Gweru)
Terry Ayo – Cash Deals (Chinhoyi)
Ric Chasers – Chasers Clothing
Keith – Shoka Leisure
Prezzo – Team Legacy
Jamal – No Limits

27.Best Lyricist

Trey XL
Jnr Brown
Asaph (Bulawayo)
Ti Gonzi
Yung Parker (China)

28.Best Fashion Designer/Originator

Ngoni Motsi – African Print
Robet Jnr – XGX
Ric Chasers – Chasers
Luda – Unruly Livet Brooke
King Casheyz – Royal Blood
Fucci – Grind City ,GrindTime clothing

Last Two Categories Has 10 Artists Each As it covers Vast Diversity

29.Best Underground

J.D & Ayatollah
Metamophic (Bulawayo)
Tip Tos
Mr 4
Tiddy (Chinhoyi)
Hyper (Gweru MSU)
Dave The H Town Mitch

30.Peoples Choice

Beav City
Asaph (Bulawayo)
Briss Mbada
T Gonz
Kikky Badass
Natasha Muz
Coco WeAfrica

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Birthday Shout-out from Dad 

Dear Christiana Ayomide,

Happy birthday to my darling Daughter! I can’t believe it was a year ago today that you came into our lives bringing us so much happiness. You are the smiliest baby I’ve ever seen, making friends where ever you go and spreading so much joy. Though we’ve been looking forward to this day, it is bittersweet – I love seeing you flourish and grow yet I’m so sad to be leaving behind the baby days and approaching toddlerhood. I wish I could bottle the feeling of having you as a baby and sample it again every now and then but as that’s impossible I will just have to drink it in as much as I can, take all the photos and videos and relive this time in memory.


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Many people easily dance to afro-beat, play in it public… but feel reluctant to play Hip-hop same way. Some people think hip-hop is only to be played in lone moments.

Afriblinksblog is trying to eradicate this notion by launching its first phase of the rap-battle on 17th June.

This competition will be a yearly music microphone fight that bribg league of rappers together in order to encourage them to be better Mc’s whilst learning from others.

Why is the Afriblinksblog Rap-battle important ?

  1. It will create a competitive spirit amongst rappers which will make them to step up their game

  2. It will bring exposure to rappers.

  3. It will gather rappers from different angles to discover themselves and probably work on different projects together.
  4. Has a financial benefit
  5. Winner gets free video shoot, music production and a featuring with a Cameroonian celebrated rapper.

How does that sound ?

The first phase of this competition is online. Meaning, competitors will be expected to submit their content via WhatsApp +237651326358 to participate.

The first phase starts on 24th June and ends on July 8. The second phase starts from 20th July to 27th.

And the last phase from 5th August to 10th August.

On 20th August, the winner will be announced and handed his prize.

What’s the prize ?

Winner of the Afriblinksblog Rap-Battle will have the opportunity to feature Cameroon’s microphone Njorku, Mic Monsta.

Mic Monsta has been consistnly one of Cameroon’s greatest hip-hop acts of all time. The first edition of this hiphop competition has the honour to bring the Microphone Njorku to the table.

Again, it will be bringing Cameroon’s most versatile music producer Mccoy TWAP and the screen colouring god himself, Tecno Brian who will shoot a free music video for the winner of this competition.

Also, the winner will go home with a cash prize of 250,000 FCFA.

All beats will be provided for download on ( when the competition is announced. Each rapper submits a maximum and minimum of 1 minute video.

The rules to participate in this competition will be made available on the site as well alongside the beats.

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