Article by Dr ckhupha

Francina katuruza was born and bred in the city of harare .Her passionate dream of being a professional modeller began

in the streets Glen nora when she was 13 years of old and escalated miraculously when her talent was scouted by Mercy Mushaninga and signed her under Zimgossip modelling agency in 2010.

Being inspired by Malaika Mashandu the former Miss Zimbabwe, whose steps were a reflection of her ideal vision , she was panelled and molded into idealistic role model with highest potential of doing great wonders in the modelling industry .

Although there were hiccups and sudden turns in her modelling journey like lack of sponserships ,for her to engage fully in big events .fortunately her supportive family always came to the rescue and sacrificed financially what they managed

.The support that she got from her family made her to work extra hard ,confidently ,consciously and cautionate .Fruitfully her credentials were not effortlessly as she was crowned consecutively in 2011 Miss Harare Junior ,2012 Miss summer Harare , 2014 Miss Zambia Zimbabwe and in 2015 Miss Heritage Zimbabwe .Recently she made it to the top 8 finalist of Miss world Zimbabwe ,having 17 000 plus voters and being the second highest peoples choice was an overwhelming moment for her and she was very gratefully for the support that she got .When she was interviewed on the contentions of her vision in five years time this was her responce ,”i am looking foward to have a powerhouse fashion label and one of the biggest events company in Zimbabwe that will embrace the dreams of a girl child and also uplift them” .According to Francina dreams never die and they can be turned into reality as long one does not take shortcuts and maintain the values that uplifts his or her principles.


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