Scientists In China Advice Nigerians On What To Do As Corona Virus Hits Lagos


Hello, I’m Laila Ahmadi from China, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Zanjan University Corona virus arrives in any country sooner or later, there is no doubt that many countries do not have any diagnostic kits or equipment,

so Please use as much * natural vitamin C as possible * to strengthen your immune system. Don’t worry, C gets rid of it a lot, and that’s fine. Also make sure to use more yellow wood In addition Tell yourself and your children that they are all supposed to be HIV positive and * don’t touch anyone and don’t regret it *.

The virus currently contains no vaccine and no specific treatment Unfortunately, due to the genetic mutation that made it very dangerous This disease appears to be caused by the fusion of the gene into a snake and a bat, and it has acquired the ability to infect mammals, including humans. It is important to keep the message on your greatest acquaintance: Professor Chen Horin, CEO of the Beijing Military Hospital, said: “Lemon slices in a cup of lukewarm water can save your life.”
Even if you are working, you should take a look at this message and pass it on to others! Hot lemon can kill cancer cells! The lemon cut into three parts and put in a cup, then pour hot water and turn it into (alkaline water), drink it every day will certainly be beneficial for everyone. Hot lemons can release the anticancer medicine again. Hot lemon juice appeared on cancerous tumors and cured all cancers. Treatment with this extract destroys only malignant cells and does not affect healthy cells. Second: the acids and carboxylic acid in lemon juice can regulate high blood pressure, protect narrow arteries, regulate blood circulation, and reduce blood clotting. After reading, tell someone else and transfer it to the person you love and take care of your personal health. Advice: Professor Chen Horin notes that whoever receives this message is at least guaranteed to save someone’s life … I did my job and I hope you can help me develop it too. They published it in university groups

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