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Rising Model Lein Hora Determined to Overcome Challenges and Achieve Supermodel Status



Lein Hora is an ambitious young model with a passion for her craft and a strong drive to succeed. In a recent interview, she shared her determination to make a name for herself in the industry and her willingness to overcome the challenges and obstacles that may come her way. With a clear goal in mind and a fierce determination, Lein is poised to become a shining star in the world of modeling.

Lein Hora is a 19-year-old model with a passion for the industry and a determination to make a name for herself in the world of modeling. In a recent interview with Zim magazine, she shared her ambitions and her unwavering spirit in the face of the challenges and criticism that come with her chosen career path.

Despite the negative misconceptions surrounding the modeling industry, Lein is confident in her ability to overcome them and rise to the top. “I know my purpose and I have a goal,” she said. “I will only focus on that and leave the rest to God. I am prepared to conquer it all and with God’s will, I will become a supermodel.”

Lein’s resolve to succeed in the modeling industry is not only driven by her personal ambition but also her desire to prove to her father and the world that modeling is a legitimate career path, not a form of prostitution. “It is not easy for a parent, especially a father, to allow his daughter to be a model because of these misconceptions,” she said. “I would like to prove to my father and other parents out there that simply because your daughter is a model, it does not mean that she is into prostitution. Modeling is a career path, not a prostitution hub.”

Lein is not only driven by her own personal goals but also by her desire to change the negative perceptions surrounding the modeling industry and to inspire other young women to pursue their dreams without fear of criticism. “I want to be an inspiration to young girls who dream of becoming models,” she said. “I want to show them that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and God’s will.”

Lein Hora‘s journey to becoming a supermodel is not without its challenges, but she is ready to face them head-on. With her unwavering spirit and determination, she is poised to conquer the world and make a lasting impact in the modeling industry.

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BMS Releases New Music – Notice, Biography & Video



An independent Artist has been thrilled to announce the release of his latest debut Music Video Titled: NOTICE! collaborating with 6sixBillion & Jdreamboy.

This is way bigger & beautiful for just an upcoming artist to hold & drop…
NOTICE is out on every platform, & will be PREMIERED on YouTube by FRIDAY night 12pmt
Watch out for the Fast Young Rising Star,
AKPORERO PROSPER Also Known As ( BMS ) who hails from Delta State Nigeria, he is so Creative in Arts.
He first noticed his Career sometimes in March this year 2023, my lifestyles and tge people around me, nature itself inspired me to sing & music itself improves my focus in grinding both in business.

One of my deepest desire is to see myself making collaborations with top artists like Davido, Olamide, wizkid, KissDaniel, & DJ Khalid with some other big international bodies!

As the saying goes, keeping up with what you have started is the most paramount, so i pray God for More vibes and good music that are pleasant to the ear!


However, working out my creative EP that would be out by JULY is what i & my team are focusing & working on at the moment, not only that, i want my fans to start feeling & seeing me from November hopefuly, something bigger coming ya”all way!

So in other to make this a reality, we are kicking off A radio /tv tour round the nation, starting from November,.
I really can’t wait for the big movement to begin!
Please follow me on my social media handles




Thank you, its your boy BMS🙏

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Princess Omas Benjamin Biography, Age & Career



Princess Omas Benjamin is a writer from sapele local government delta state and was born in 1992 November 11th

She’s a graduate of chemistry education from delta state university Abraka.

Before delving into writing full time she became a YouTuber and currently owned a YouTube channel called Omas Talk TV.

Her very first professional script was HEADS IN THE CLOUD. From then on she went further to write her very own series DYING SOUL.

After which she wrote series of script from short movies to full movies.
Short movie scripts she have written are:
•One Wrong Code (yet to be produced)
•Life Over Dance. (Yet to be produced)
•The Corpers. (Yet to be produced)

•Dying soul which is currently streaming on her YouTube channel and on PTV movie app.

•Warri mafians. (Yet to be produced)
•Tales of Clinton. (About to be produced)

Full movie
•The prank. (Produced not yet released)
•gods and mortals. (Yet to be produced)
•The celestial. Producer AEXfilms (Yet to be produced)

She have been involved in other projects by supervising the script and added her expertise just to spice it up a little. One of such projects is Diamond ash which is currently streaming on her YouTube channel omas talk TV

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Swiss K Biography, Age & Net worth



Lagos based Nigerian musician Swiss K, born Oghenetega Ijede who hails from Benin Edo State, He began music 2020 as a trapper, hardcore rapper and songwriter..

His genre of music is Hip-Hop mixed with trap, Afrobeats, pop, urban Music, He blends trap music and soulful percussions to drive in his well written lyrics..

Swiss K‘s ability to fuse different sounds and styles into one cohesive project has made him one of the most fast rising Nigerian artists of his generation.

Swiss K‘s inspirations and mentors are; Drake, Jay Z, Jcole, Kanye West, Big Sean, Young Thug, Lil Baby, Cordae etc..

Swiss K is a rocker running in rap circles who worked on multiple hit songs and still grinding non stop

Birth Name Oghenetega Ijede
Date Of Birth Feb. 22nd 2000
Stage Name Swiss K
Profession Hip-Hop Rapper
Net Worth N/A
Gender Male
Place Of Birth Benin Edo State
National NIGERIA

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