with the theme “wear your shades cause the future is too bright” Its Fucci is optimistic that the Future Is Too Bright we just have to work hard so that we can achieve our goals.Hard work pays off,in the EP I have songs which motivate people to work hard and pray hard,”success can only be achieved through hard work and prayer”.In the EP I’m trying to make people understand me using my lyrics and also expressing and sharing my experiences using the music.

My birthday is there on the 27th of December I will be turning 21,they say at 21 you are given the key of life this project will be a key in my life which will open new doors and opportunities and will be the best birthday present I can ever give myself.I also reached a point whereby people now expected a project from me cause I’ve been around the country performing on stage for new crowds like people who did not know my music and they would appreciate my art and ask for more music that really increased my following and the interview that I did with ZBCtv hip hop in the making really gave me so much hype and gave me an audience, people who are waiting for my music and I will not disappoint ..

I’m on Tha move with Will son Gust and Vado that’s 19kudhara 2020gang these bros are giving me guidelines and are always pushing me so that I can bring the best out of me they believe in me and I appreciate that had to tell you so that you won’t get lost when you hear their names in my songs .I’m also working with Model Entertainment Zimbabwe.I dropped a video for my song titled Chiwenga which is also I’m the EP the project managed to cross boarders,on the video I had scouts from South Africa, Lesotho, Sudan and Ethiopia according to the video concept Its Fucci as Chiwenga sitting during a meeting with delegations from other countries,so the other scouts were able to share the video to people from their country we have to go international and Zimbabwean artist should be known in other countries,you should check out the Chiwenga Video is out and available on YouTube..

Just in case you did not know I won the best performance act award at the Changamire hip hop awards, being on stage performing that’s my favorite part of my career I make sure I entertain the crowd,I also got nominated at the Glamour Awards which are being hosted in Gweru this November ..
Future Too Bright Ep dropping on my birthday 27th of December 2018
you can follow me on Instagram @itsfucci ,on Facebook Rodney Fucci McThrive,twitter @itsfucci, WhatsApp +263738708715


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