Nigerian Gay ‘Wayne Omoike’ Caught in the act


A Nigerian man named Wayne Omoike has finally been caught and disgraced for same sex intercourse.

Omoike was caught in the act by one of his resident neighbor who was an eye witness on the 20th of November 2015.

According to the eye witness, on that faithful afternoon he heared the cries of two males having an intercourse with themselves, that sometimes it’s so loud that it disturbs them, until he met the door open and when he entered it was confirmed that two males were having intercourse.

The witness called to other neighbors and they were both dragged out of the house and were brutalized and dealt with by the community.

Wayne Omoike and his partner were to face the penalty, which is to go to prison.

As we waited for the police, Omoike escaped and his partner was brutally beaten because he also tried to escape and he died in the process.

The general public are still in search for Wayne Omoike, if found please report to the nearest Police Station.

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