[Music+Lyrics]: Danny Bassy – Nothing You Cannot Do


A portharcourt based recoding artiste and gospel Minister “Danny Bassy” A Lover of God’s Word and Inspirational Worshipper comes up with Spirit Filled Worship Tune titled “Nothing You Cannot Do

Danny Bassy a dynamic soul soothing musical prowess. His lyrics are well crafted and accompanied by amazing rhythm that will keep you refreshed.

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L Y R I C S 

Solo 1
Oh Lord my God, You made all things
You made the sun to rule over the day
U Made the moon and the stars to rule at night
U made the sea and all that is beneath

You hear me Lord, when I call on your name
Whatever I want is what you always do
The things you’ve done can never be compared
And you have done what men cannot do

There is nothing you cannot do
There is no sickness you cannot heal
There is no mountain you cannot move
The omnipotent God, I worship you 2x

Oh oh oh
I worship you
For the wondrous things you’ve done
I have nothing to give to you
But the songs of praise

Solo 2
You make a way when it seems to be no way
With you oh God,there is nothing impossibe
You raised the dead and you walked upon the sea
Oh Lord my God,
There is nothing too hard for you

You raised the dead and you walked upon the sea
You healed the blind and you made the lame to walk
You are God and God all by yourself
Oh Lord my God
There is nothing too hard for you

Chorus 4x

Song writer: Danny bassy

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