Min. Anthony Olagundoye (Feyiwealth) – Never Seen Your Kind


Olagundoye Anthony is a Nigerian gospel artiste living in the nation’s capital, FCT Abuja. He hails from Irele in Ondo State Nigeria and has been performing since 2009 playing at Churches, Parties and Corporate events.

Anthony, otherwise known as Feyiwealth is known for tight vocals and harmonies accompanied by musical instruments such as Keyboard, Guitar and talking drums. He writes for and leads a band of gospel singers which he formed in the early start of his career as Ajijola Jesu music which has later metamorphosed to Feyiwealth Music Ministry as he continues to push the boundaries of contemporary gospel music.

Over a period of more than 10 years, a full album and several single tracks, Feyiwealth has not only maintained a constant flow of new music that promotes the contemporary gospel, He appears to have no intention of stopping. This fact is evident with the release of his newest single “Never Seen Your Kind, Mi o riru reri”, well-written and arranged by Olagundoye Anthony -Feyiwealth and produced by Godwin Omonu. It is a project that exposes his love and gratitude for God’s awesomeness and uniqueness.

Anthony is a graduate from The Polytechnic, Ibadan Department of Music Technology where he bagged a National Diploma with plans of further expanding his music career. He is also a Theology lecturer at Two Witness Bible School where he had graduated in 2021 with flying colours.

Anthony is currently splitting his time between Theology and Music.

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  1. This song has been on repeat since I downloaded it. It’s really should be on everybody’s fav playlist. It’s the kind of song we should fed our souls….

  2. Just played it on a repeat and there’s an overflow of blessing through that lyrics….Min. Anthony Olagundoye, keep basking in God’s goodness and Help, I can say for sure the sky is your starting point sir…I duff my hat.

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