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IMF Backs A Global Central Bank-backed Digital Currency Network



Global CBDC: IMF Working on Global CBDC Platform Concept 

In a bid to foster efficient and fairer international transactions, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is actively developing a global platform for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Reuters reported.

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva emphasized the need for interoperability between countries during a conference attended by African central banks in Rabat, Morocco, on Monday. Unlike decentralized cryptocurrencies, CBDCs are digital currencies controlled by central banks.

Georgieva stated that CBDCs should transcend national boundaries and not remain fragmented propositions within individual countries.

To achieve this, she said that the IMF has been working towards a common regulatory framework that will enable seamless global interoperability for CBDCs.Failure to establish such a platform could create a void that cryptocurrencies will likely fill, she added.

Backing the ‘official’ digital currency

Georgieva highlighted that 114 central banks worldwide are already exploring CBDCs, with approximately 10 having made substantial progress in their implementation.

She also stressed that the potential of CBDCs would be underutilized if they were solely developed for domestic use. By connecting countries and facilitating cross-border transactions, CBDCs could enhance financial inclusion and reduce the costs of remittances. Currently, the average cost of money transfers amounts to 6.3 per cent, equivalent to $44 billion annually.

Georgieva further emphasized the importance of backing CBDCs with assets. While acknowledging the investment potential of cryptocurrencies backed by assets, she cautioned against speculative investments in cryptocurrencies lacking such support.

Tracking the global rise of CBDC 

The rise in CBDC exploration is evident as per US-based think tank Atlantic Council, with 114 countries—representing over 95 percent of global GDP—actively considering or advancing CBDC projects. In contrast, in May 2020, only 35 countries were contemplating CBDCs. Presently, 60 countries are in an advanced exploration phase, including development, pilot testing, or launch.

Eleven nations have already fully launched their CBDCs, with China’s pilot project reaching approximately 260 million people and expanding across the country in 2023. The most recent addition to the list is Jamaica, which introduced its own CBDC called JAM-DEX.

The imposition of financial sanctions on Russia has spurred countries to seek alternative payment systems that circumvent the dominance of the U.S. dollar. As a result, there are currently nine cross-border wholesale CBDC tests and seven cross-border retail projects, almost double the number compared to the previous year.

Throughout 2023, more than 20 countries are expected to take significant steps towards piloting their CBDCs. Australia, Thailand, Brazil, India, South Korea, and Russia intend to commence or continue pilot testing next year. Additionally, the European Central Bank (ECB) is likely to initiate its CBDC pilot in the near future.

As of December 2022, all G7 economies have transitioned from research to the development stage of CBDCs. Notably, the New York Federal Reserve’s wholesale CBDC experiment, Project Cedar, propelled the United States into the development phase.

Among the G20 countries, 18 have reached the advanced stage of CBDC development, with seven already in the pilot phase. Almost every G20 nation has made substantial progress and allocated significant resources to CBDC projects in the past six months.

Source:- Wionews

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Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin’s Generous Act: Donates Over 30 Million Naira to Help Alleviate Soaring Food Prices in Nigeria (Watch Video)




Billionaire prophet and General Overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry in Warri, Delta State, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, has given out over N30 million in charity to reduce the current economic crisis faced by the masses.

In a viral video on social media, Fufeyin, known for his philanthropic gestures, was seen giving out wads of cash to church members to ameliorate the rising price of food items in the country.

The humanitarian effort has caught the attention of netizens, capturing the hearts of many amid the current challenging times.

Fufeyin has emerged as a beacon of hope by extending a remarkable gesture of kindness towards struggling church members even as he stressed the need for well-meaning Nigerians to help assuage the challenges of the masses.

This spontaneous and substantial donation not only alleviated immediate concerns but also underscored Fufeyin’s deep empathy for those affected by economic hardship.

The response to Fufeyin’s act of benevolence has been overwhelmingly positive, with Nigerians taking to social media platforms to commend his compassion and selflessness. Amidst a climate of economic uncertainty and rising living costs, Fufeyin’s initiative has resonated deeply, sparking discussions about the importance of generosity and communal support during trying times.

Fufeyin expressed his motivation for the donation, citing a desire to alleviate the suffering of his church members and fellow Nigerians in tangible ways.

He emphasised the necessity of collective action in addressing societal challenges and urged others, particularly those in positions of influence, to contribute towards uplifting the less fortunate.

The impact of Fufeyin’s philanthropy extends beyond financial assistance, serving as a powerful reminder of the potential for positive change when individuals leverage their resources for the greater good of all.

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Big Dreams, is set to release his debut Single’s , ‘Vanity & Painful On January 26th




Delta State Born Singer, Big Dreams, is set to release his debut album,My Way ‘,’Coming Soon.

With they announcement of his two singles which are set to be released on 26 January 2024.

In the digital era of Afrobeats, the music superstar, Big Dreams, has established a name for himself thanks to a succession of great singles and collaborations.

They man of they moment has done great works, therefore this album will set a pathway to Greatness.

The musician made this announcement via his Twitter account. He characterized the album as everything he desires and all he stands for.


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Legendary singer, Kathy Brown diagnosed with stage four lung cancer



Legendary house music singer, Kathy Brown has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer with the disease spreading to her brain.

The American singer, 63, known for songs including Turn Me Out (Turn to Sugar) and Strings of Life (Stronger on My Own) was diagnosed late last year after being admitted to ICU in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

Doctors performed surgery to try and reduce swelling in Brown’s brain – with the star currently undergoing a course of radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

Kathy’s daughter Chanta Joyner has set up a GoFundMe to fund medical expenses and monthly bills for the family.

Chanta wrote: ‘As the news is only just sinking in we are already facing the harsh reality of what this means for my mother – not only the physical and medical challenges but also the many financial ones.

‘Like most artists who have devoted their careers to dance music, without being able to perform LIVE there’s little to no chance of earning an income. My mother has poured her heart and soul onto stages and dance floors all over the world for more than thirty years, and now she needs your love and support more than ever.

‘My siblings and I are going to do everything we can to take care of her, but the costs we are facing with medical expenses and monthly bills are overwhelming.

‘My mom deserves the best care and comfort that money can buy. I know that she has thousands of fans all over the world who adore her voice and her beautiful spirit.

‘Please consider contributing to assist Kathy and get her through the weeks and months ahead. The London-based record label ‘Revival’ that she has recently been working with has offered to match contributions up to $10,000.

‘Let’s show my mom that the dance music community really is an extended family who keep each other lifted not only in the good times but the hard times too. Thank you for the love, support and many messages that you have been posting and sending to Kathy. I promise you that she sees every single one, and they mean so very much to her.

Brown originally found fame as the chart-topping lead singer of the group Praxis before having US dance hits on her own.

In 1999 she climbed to #4 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with Joy and in 2004 was the credited lead vocalist on the British act Soul Central’s Strings Of Life (Stronger On My Own), a track that samples Rhythm Is Rhythm’s 1989 House classic.

Over the years she featured on dozens of house and club singles.

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