“If You Can’t Shift My Womb, I Won’t Date Or Marry You”: Pretty Slay Queen Warns Guys


A young and beautiful Nigerian career lady has warned Nigerian men to stay away from her if they can’t shift her womb.

She said she can’t date or marry any guy that can’t handle her very well. That she wants a guy that can shift her womb very well.

This has gotten divided reactions.

A Nigerian man, Kingdavide123, blasted her thus:

“After shifting your womb later you will now be looking for a pastor to deliver you and help bring back your womb to where it ought to be.”


“Women no dey shame again this days”

“I’m not sure a man can satisfy you on bed”


“Den never tell you say your mumu too much, You are a mumu girl”

“Women no dey shame again this days”

“This is highly shameful”


“That’s why u r still single”


“Doesn’t this lady have siblings or parents or even close relatives?”


“@innoachukwu My dear, as a woman I am deeply ashamed and disturbed to see this level of depravity.”

Some others wonder what some ladies are turning into these.

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