Ghanaians and Nigerians fight dirty on Twitter after Cardi B revealed she want Nigerian citizenship (Read Savages)


Nigerians and Ghanians are beefing each other on Twitter again after American rapper Cardi B declared she is filing for Nigerian citizenship.

Twitter is the best place to be right now as Nigerians and Ghanaians are currently fighting. #GhanaVrsNigeria is the trending hashtag for the Twitter war.

It all started when Cardi B visited Nigeria and later went to Ghana to headline the Livespot festival.

Ghanaians are angry that Cardi B chose Nigeria over Ghana. This resulted in both country picking on each other on Twitter .

@swedyn010 :

Even with all the light I still found it hard to see your president be looking like overused charcoal iron #GhanavrsNaija

@Emmytrend_s :

Someone said the only star Ghana has is the one on their flag #GhanavrsNigeria

@Tggram1 :

Cardi B Chukwu Chioma Just posted on IG…that she misses Nigeria not GhanaMad ooh. E go pain them now lol..Learn from Nigeria, we got 1st class when it comes to packaging….Nigerians Miss you too

@OMarkizo :

Nigeria has been supplying Ghana gas to Generate our electricity 24/7 but their own Electricity can not last 2 hrs and you are telling me you are wiser than Ghana? #GhanavrsNaija

@BBasheezzy :

Ghana is like the largest local government in my state. so your president is a local chairman #ghanavrsnaija

@J_Charisma101 :

The most successful celebrity in Ghana, is just an up coming artist in Nigeria #GhanavrsNaija

@benevolent_dic :

In Nigeria, they use power bank to charge power bank

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