Food For Thought: Is ripped jeans fashion sense or madness?


In the the world of fashion today, there are so many trends and ideas which have evolved over time. But the ripped jeans has stayed longer than expected. Recently, there are some outfits worn in this generation and time that makes me wonder, if decency is now a crimson thing of the past.

When I mean ripped jeans, I’m talking about jean trousers that are either cut or torn at both knees or one, from the right down to the front of the leg or below the bum. Even plain pants can be ripped and worn by men, women and kids.

But what does this actually connote, some people don’t seem to comprehend its essence and yet most people or everyone wants to purchase it and it’s actually at high demand.

What about the morals we were taught that your clothing defines who you are or your clothing should be that which is moderate, decent and covers your nudity. But it is the opposite in recent days.

What exactly is your opinion on this, Madness or Fashion Sense?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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