Gombe based rapper and founder of dope music gang (DMG). A humanist, an activist and a critic.
FLAWLESS KASRE comes through with this mind-blowing Bombshell titled “BLOODBATH

BLOODBATH captures more illness as seen in the society.






🔥• Once again I’m back this time I wanna talk reality
🔥• Flawless is my name naija my nationality
🔥• Ertin is messed up in my country
🔥• What the hell is happening somebody please explain to me
🔥• Bloodbath erwhere in the north side
🔥• I swear this situation got me asking God why
🔥• E be say the good ones dey die early
🔥• Monsters dey live long dey cause wahala steady
🔥• All they want is violence we gotta stay ready
🔥• Government can’t protect us self defense is necessary
🔥• Herdsmen attacking communities erday
🔥• Lotta people getting killed animals kept save
🔥• The leaders knew about this shit when will they take an action
🔥• They claim to love the citizens but we don’t see the passion
🔥• Human is not animal big brothers treat us with caution
🔥• Is obvious naija is dying somebody save the nation
🔥• God’s son if you touch me you touch my father
🔥 Life’s like a short journey on a fast okada
🔥• Shay you killed my people toh na bar ka da Allah
🔥• When the judgement day comes za ka sha wahala
🔥• Is a pity how some people just hate peace
Living the life of criminal why you dey take risk
🔥• Don’t wanna get my hands dirty wanna stay clean
🔥• But these niggas pushing me to the wall goddamn
🔥• Sometimes I wonder what my people did that’s so wrong
🔥• To make these niggas leaving some of them with no homes
🔥• And they loved ones murdered by the herdsmen
🔥• But the government be telling us to stay calm
🔥• Thy shall not kill that’s what the scripture told me
🔥• The law told me not to kill anyone illegally
🔥• These niggas killed my people as if they were not human beings
🔥• It’s crazy how wasting innocent lives make em happy
🔥• Abdulkareem was right Nigeria is jagajaga
🔥• People getting killed the survivors dey suffer suffer
🔥• The leaders doing nothing they just dey chill for Abuja
🔥• Is this the kinda change we voted for the new Nigeria
🔥• Ertin has changed from bad to worst
🔥• The kinda hunger in the nation now is murderous
🔥• Bokoharam so desperate to murder us
🔥• Is obvious life in the north side is dangerous
🔥• Brave boy I no dey fear person
🔥• Threaten me I no go hesitate to dare person
🔥• Haters talk shit me I no dey hear person
🔥• If na real rap these rappers no go near person
🔥• I do this for my people i do this for hip-hop
🔥• I do this for Nigeria nobody can make me stop
🔥• God bless my country and unite the people
🔥• This is my only prayer I know you hear me lord!!!


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