I define sex as an enjoyable act that can either make you laugh till the end or make you cry and regret your action for the rest of your life. inorder word it is an instrument used by the devil to capture the elect
sex is spiritual cos it involves the blood, spirit and the body, I know u are asking me what I mean before you can lay down with a man or woman you have to think about it, that is your body will take the first step and the other thing is that you connect your spirit with the person, during the period of sex your soul is under the submission of the other partner
so sex is spiritual oh wait I support that sex is spiritual, by the special grace of God am a theological student, and it is said according to the Bible in the book of 1 Corinthians 6 Vs 18 says Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. God himself understand the power of sex and what it is capable of doing in the life of man. a brother wrote in one of his article and says having sex with the opposite sex is sharing the same problem, condom as nothing to do with it. kind David says in the book of psalm that in iniquity I was given birth to, my question is what was that word iniquity?, I will tell you frankly that David was talking about sex here so there is nothing to argue about sex being spiritual or not. the truth is that sex is the key the devil uses to distract,deceive and point of contact to afflict the elect today, if sex is not spiritual tell me why Samson was captured by Delilah, why is it that it is possible for you to contaminate a sexual disease can we feel or touch those disease we have being hearing their name but how come they get into human life If they are not spiritual? of 100% of the talented prophet, pastor, teachers, evangelist, singers and writers who as fall, I will tell you that 88.9% of them fell into sexually immorality either intentionally,or through devils plan. think instead of arguments we have to pray very well for God to empower us not to fall into the trap of sexual harassment, immorality and seductive act

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