Rich folks in China believe that if one can fill up a bathtub with female ejaculation AKA squirt and take a good bath in it fortune will always follow him where ever he goes.

Believe it or not the billionaires in China are willing to pay as much as 1 million US dollars per litre for the lucky fluid. The adverts from buyers to suppliers are often very specific, for example, the rich guy would like to fill up his bath with only Indian, African or Japanese fluid. He would name his price per litre, the age range of the women and a deadline for suppliers to meet.

A former supplier who said he had been in the business for over 7 years said he made 65 million during his career. He said he was a trusted supplier and he received new orders ever two months or so. “It takes me four to five weeks to get the right amount of fluid for one order”

“I travelled around the world recruiting women and girls to fulfil the orders I was getting. The orders that paid more were for African women, I spent most of my time in central and Southern Africa during my times as a supplier. Lots of men even volunteer their wives and they made good money with me”. Said Ravi who claims he used to bath in the liquid himself for luck and fortune.

Ravi, a former squirt supplier

Apparently this had been going on for centuries in China. Ancient Chinese mothers used to anoint their whole with their ejaculation for protection and success in whatever they do. If you are a squirter you might consider bottling and selling your product and make millions.