CEEJAY POUNDZ (real names OGBOLU CHIJIOKE) is a unique artiste and the second child of a christian family of thirteen from the igbo speaking part of Delta State Nigeria.
Born June 20th, CJAY POUNDZ studied Mass Communication at Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe, Oghara. He stands out with his unique style as he is popularly known as the only artiste who can sing with different voices.
He spends most of his time in the studio working on different types of musical genre. He is also a producer and a music video director, playwright, art curator, movie star, compere, graphic designer, dancer, journalist and businessman. His new singles “She is still the one” introduces his musical concept to the world. which expresses the beauty of love in music.
Cjay Poundz is surely bent on taking the whole world by surprise as he does his thing in an exciting manner switching from one voice to the other to pass a similar message in a given song. This is so unique and quite entertaining because he is actually the first of his kind in the music world in general.




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