Hip-hop in the City Of Kings & Queens, that is Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, has experiencing unexpected, sudden transformation as an upcoming artist Berto seizes the throne and is suddenly all over!

At first it looked like just another good move by just another lucky guy as “Ndinotenda Mambo” a song by Berto Reez aka Herbert Ruwaza hit the number one spot on Khulumani FM.  In second week, again, it took first place & one could ask “Who’s this guy on number one? I heard him last week!”
In third week…same spot, number one! ….then Boom! Berto has locked down the game! This song is officially a hit by public opinion (voted for on radio).

Proving it three times in a row & beyond reasonable doubt that Berto Reez is the real deal,   we are left with no other option but to name a new hip-hop head. In Bulawayo  “Ndinotenda Mambo”, a hip-hop song featuring Cliff Jeans and Fab Gemini is the top song on Khulumani FM’s  top 20 count down charts, it has been on number 1 for three weeks now, The artist   promised his fans that he will keep on dropping hit after hit to keep them dancing and enjoying the taste of the future sound.

Zim based Berto Reez specified in a statement that his song is  about his come up and credits  God. The title of the song “Ndinotenda Mambo” is ashona phrase translating to “I thank You Lord. “Its my come up story in summary …from when i started trying to make professional music and who helped me am basically thanking God” ,  said the majestic Reez. Surely God is going ahead of the musician, because nobody and nothing has been able to stop Berto Reez from making a triumphant entry into the number one spot, and to stay there for three weeks.

In  statement, Laws Empire commended the artist’s progress saying, “Berto Reez is one humble artist who is eager to learn how to improve in his artistic ways , i believe that will take him far because when you so humble , things will start changing for the better , judging from how his music has been received from around the country and outside the country he is actually a big deal . I urge all upcoming artist to stay humble  and being respectful .”

Laws Empire further exclaimed, “It is clear now  that SkynetYzia is a great artist developer because  Berto Reez has become one of the most undisputed upcoming artist in Bulawayo and is one of Skynet Empire creations.” To be more precise, Berto trained as a student musician under Skynet Empire Worldwide for two years before joining  Laws Empire in 2019, as a commercial artist, standing out as the most  skilled of performers. So yeah, we’re talking about a highly skilled, disciplined and professional musician. Its not by chance that he’s a hip hop head now, we understand its the time that has come for what was  leashed to be unleashed.  Berto Reez is  able to display  his artistic talent in  a unique way that puts his name and his management and his city on the world map.”

Its so promising that hip-hop in Zimbabwe is going to be recognized again , because there is so much talent to be exposed! all music lovers should start paying attention to these fresh rising superstars.
It can never be a small issue that, in “Ndinotenda Mambo”, two other big names from Bulawayo were evolved. Fab Gemini & Cliff Jeans! These  are  multi-talented artists/ producers and the most notorious hit makers from Magwegwe, Bulawayo obviously maintained the high quality of the song concept. Even though Zimhiphop is suffocating its own talent, these two have been trending nevertheless. Keep an eye in them too.

Download/ Stream “Ndinotenda Mambo ” by Berto Reez on YouTube





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