A message to my gf, who became a memory..

I’m sorry it came down to wish was more important trying to make you love me, or saving my entire being from becoming lost. I’m sorry for leaving you when I promised I never would. I’m sorry I broke so many promises. I’m sorry my growth scared you, and your eyes saw it as change. I’m sorry you couldn’t understand the difference, but always wanted different. I’m sorry you didn’t love yourself the way you wanted. So you chose to use my heart for your burdens. I’m sorry you saw me as someone who could be without you, so you chose to push me in that direction. I’m sorry you couldn’t find who you were, so you created who you wanted to be, and in the end you never felt whole. I’m sorry I couldn’t love you the way you hoped I would. I’m sorry you demanded so much, but never thought what I gave was enough. I’m sorry I couldn’t be the Guy you wanted me to be. I’m sorry that I have to love you from afar. I’m sorry that the love we once shared became toxic to us. I’m sorry my soul won’t ever get to rest without you. I’m sorry I always seen the soulmate in you. I’m sorry I loved you even when you didn’t deserve it. I’m sorry I still do…

Healing from someone you’ll always love, it’s crazy, after all this time there’s always love in my heart for you But when I noticed your absence brought me Peace, I know one thing for sure, I wasn’t sorry for choosing me..

Till we meet again, farewell beloved


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