Words by Apostle Johnson Suleman ,the fohnder of omega fire ministry, during his live rebroadcast yesterday (10pm).

“Am going to tell you what the Lord said to me while pray concerning what’s happening in the World and i was shocked, The Lord told me this is a power plan between two nations and they are gradually sliding towards the new World order.

When they come out with the vaccine anybody who wants the vaccine will be given conditions and because people are desperate they will take the conditions and sign a treaty.

They want to move us to the new world order when the whole world will come under one currency.

I thought the Antichrist is going to come after the trumpets sound but NO! It’s happening now.

The lord told me the affliction came from a bat and a serpent it’s something that was experimented to be kept and taken into a nation and that nation would be polluted but it went out of their hand and started kill them who conspired that.

And as he was talking i was writing am going to read everything out during the Live broadcast fire night tonight.

I don’t care what they are saying on social media i heard this directly from the Lord i don’t care what anybody says but i will stand by what God told me and time will prove it

. But i asked the lord a question why would he allow it kill innocent people and take lives and the Lord said because the Wickedness has already reached me, You are going to see certain things happening in the Sky, different natural disasters the Lord told me this is just one of them. BUT those their fear his name will be preserved, those who know him will be preserved. You have a legacy use this opportunity to study your bible and Pray.

may God help us


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