After the Drop Of “Kilofe” by BabaBellz, Bababellz explains why Enemies are Better than Frenemies


My New jam I released make me understand “Frenemies


Enemies are better than Frenemies

Asin Some of your so call close friends will just be hating on you while seeing you progressing.

My new single, Some just posted artwork without the link, I just laughed 😁 Some of ’em did like they ain’t see shit… I sent direct msg to some of them.
I was like – Guy u be enemy of progress
I didn’t bother some of them bcos I know dey have been hating right from day one. They talk shit for my back they laugh with me wen dey see Me.

Many hating because they see Me going higher day by day and it because they think I’m Not trying hard like dey do.

Like 2pac said (No one knows the Struggle they only see the Trouble)Β But GOD keep BlessingΒ the boy πŸ˜‹πŸ˜†

I support you when u progressing not bcos I want you to do it in return.
Where I dey receive all d Blessings of my loyalty to Everyone around pass make I care if one person act up or give any stupid attitude towards me.

I guess DAT why I sang IDGAF about You


I bank On God not you. Whether you support or not Who God go bless dandan ni E go Bless am.

But the fact is let’s stop hating on eachother success bcos u can’t be hating your fellow man and you progress in your doings.

Be positive and pray 4 Blessings


Anyway the New jam is doing Fine and Nice… Thanks to those who Supported and still Supporting.
Dj Realbellz – KILOFE


Most Expecially (My Fam, Fans, My Bloggers, My DJs & everyone supportting the Brand #BellzExpressions)

Those who Neglect us, πŸ˜‹ Oluwa no Neglect d boy and he can never Neglect him.

Enemies are better than Frenemies

Kii Oluwa sha ma gbewa Leke Awon Ota bi Ore ati Gbogbo Ore bi Ota.

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