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5 Certain Things You Should Stay Away From While Visiting Your Lover’s Family



Meeting the family of your partner can leave you feeling anxious. You’ll probably replay the meeting in your head over and over again; wondering how the conversation with them will go.
Will they like you? Will they be happy their child chooses you as a partner? Knowing that your first impression of you might be a lasting one is even scarier than it sounds.
How do you prepare yourself as an ideal partner to your significant order’s life? Simple. By making sure to create a great first impression.
In that regard, here are five things never to do while visiting the family of your significant order:

Stay away from controversial conversation

The last scenario you’d want to create while visiting the family of your partner is one of chaos. And chaos is exactly what controversial subjects like religion, political beliefs, and even sexuality create.
Keep conversations strictly to lighter subject matters. Avoid brewing arguments which might threaten to spill mid-conversations and remain cordial.
In addition to ditching controversial topics, you should also desist from selfishly seeking attention by speaking about only yourself.

Leave the PDA at home

People in love sometimes like to express their affection for each other outside of their privacy. This is situation is popularly tagged as Public Display of Affection [PDA].
PDA’s could range from simply holding hands, to making out in public.
Yes, your relationship is beautiful, you both love each other and would love to express that through PDA. But please, keep all PDA outside while visiting bae’s family.
Of course, you two can display your affection by lightly holding hands, or touching each other. But remember, there’s a place and time for everything.

Do not tell Lies about yourself

Telling lies to make yourself look good might seem like a good idea at the moment, but in the long run, it could potentially ruin your relationship.
Your meeting the family of your partner for the first time and building the foundation of your relationship with them on lies will only lead to their distrust, disappointment and disapproval of you.

Dress indecently
As much as you want to look good for this special occasion, you most definitely do not want to come off as a cheap slut.
Ditch overly revealing outfits, for more stylishly cut ones. Also, dress comfortably.

Do not get wasted
You never want to be intoxicated while meeting with the family of your significant order. The importance of this meeting should inform your decision to be sober and in your best behaviour.

‘Gauge’ your alcohol drinking during the visit to avoid getting tipsy, or drunk. This is not only a bad look for you, but presents your partner in a questionable light to their family about their choices.

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I Pray For God’s Mercy Before Hacking Into People’s Bank Accounts – Suspected Fraudster



A27-year-old SIM card hacker, Ayoola Olalekan, has said that he usually begged for God’s mercy before hacking into his victims’ bank accounts.

Olalekan, arrested by the Osun State Police Command and paraded alongside a robbery syndicate, said he never used charms or incantations.

According to Nation, Ayoola, who had been parading himself as a hip-hop artist, admitted being a hacker who withdrew money from his victims’ bank accounts using their SIM cards and bank verification numbers.

He said, “I dropped out when I was in Senior Secondary School, SS 2. My father took another wife, who was not treating me well, so I ran away from home. I then went to Lagos, where I was taught how to hack into people’s SIM cards and transfer money from their bank accounts.

“At a point, I went to learn aluminium, but I left the job to start this ‘Wire Wire job’ and it was paying me well. I got lots of money from the hacking job.

“There was a boy called Samuel. I didn’t know that he was into robbery. He called me one day that there was an iPhone 6X I needed to hack the SIM card. I went to meet him at Toll Gate in Ibadan. He told me that the phone had been with him for more than five days, that I needed to hack the SIM and transfer the money from the owner’s bank accounts.

“I checked the phone but I could not find any contact and the Bank Verification Number (BVN) of the victim. I logged into the iCloud account, but I could not find any clue to hack the bank account until I logged into the phone owner’s email address, where I saw the BVN. I input the BVN in my hacking software and saw the person’s name, date of birth and address. I registered the account and I started transferring his money from his bank accounts.”

The suspect said N500,000 was the highest amount of money he transferred at a go since he started his crime.

“I go to pastors and alfas (Muslim clerics) to pray. I go to mosques and churches to pray for God’s mercy before I start hacking into my victims’ bank accounts to withdraw their money. I have never done a charm in a herbalist’s house. I don’t have an incision on my body. It is not easy to get money. I never did any charm to hack into people’s accounts.

“If I go to a church and a mosque and the cleric asks me for my requests from God, I tell them that all I need is God’s mercy. I have faith in God’s mercy,” he said.

Source:- Sahara Reporters

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Nollywood Actor Whose Alleged Gay Sex Tape Leaked Online Finally Breaks Silence



Nigerian actor, Godwin Maduagu has alleged that he’s being blackmailed after his alleged gay sex tape surfaced online.

Back in January this year, Godwin’s alleged sex tape was shared online. In a question and answer session he did with his followers on his Instastories on Thursday, March 4, Godwin for the first time addressed the scandal.

He said he was being blackmailed and opined he was superimposed in the video. He said when the video surfaced online, he was traumatised but drew strength from his family members, his girlfriend, and James Brown who he said had suffered a similar experience except that his, Godwin’s experience was worse.

He added that he likes girls and will get married someday.


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