Solomon Tyme (born 14th february ), better known as Solomon Tyme, is a Nigerian gospel hip hop recording artist and record producer also known as the gospel rap evangelist..
He never actually started off doing rap music
( tyme was a poet) untill 2003 when he was introduced to it by his elder brother Jubilee..
He started off then & then applied it to the lyrical composition of his songs..
Never started off with gospel till 2006 Under the minsitry of God’s choice servant Apostle Johnson Suleman of Ofm when he rose to prominence 2016 after he release of his two singles



Despite having a degree in Mass Communication at Auchi Polytechnic Auchi solomon tyme still finds his musical career more appealing as he is a fast rising art…

Under the ministry of Apostle Johnson Suleman Solomon tyme happens to be the privilege president of OFM Rap Republic..

The Rap evengelist is well known for his lyrical composition & insight..
He believes so much in gospel rap music…

According To Solomon Tyme,
honestly i had love to be remembered as one of the best ever pick up a mic;
But if i am doing my part to promote the gospel life..
I feel better about what i am doing..
Because i am Tyme;because i am the gospel rap evengelist
And because i am my fathers son

Listen & Download (All About The Gospel) Below

DOWNLOAD(All About The Gospel) by TYME


All About The Gospel (Lyrics)

Been a while but look at us getting there now
Hoping 4d best there no time to looking back now
Got dcross on my neck i got 2watch wat i say now
Cause there is a lot of people with dem camera phones up now
Like click..
Nit because u hate me
U hate the grace am into
How u say u love me
But u hate the source tap 2
U say don’t despise me
But despise d fact am close 2
Not that u don’t like me
But don’t like the church i go to
Told me leave the church
Seriously i wasn’t joking
wasn’t long ago when he dragging me off d church
You all should have seen
Was crystal clear that day
U all wouldn’t beliv the way he drag me off that day
Wrote this verse almost cried
The pain is still inside
& i look up above & i just be like God why
Not that i don’t understand
Just wanna be a better man
Hoping God would take the wheel..
I be on the passenger sit
God you save my soul
U looked beyond d flaws & then you cleansed soul
Now am giving it all i mean i everything
Every single everything & every single thing
Hoping u could take my hand & i just let u lead
Tk my hand & i won’t argue has his grace make me
take the wheel & i just follow wherever he takes me

Doesn’t matter where;
follow like three blind mices



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